‘Bridge to the blue’ is a project for me to explore my favorite topic: Identity. Bridges are a symbol to me of growing up in the Bay Area, of being a bridge between cultures, of bringing understanding among polarized points of view, of traveling from one place to another. Blue is the color of the unknown and the infinite. In Hinduism, the Protector Lord Vishnu is depicted as blue-skinned, representing an all-knowing, pervasive, omniscient, universal nature. It’s also a color I associate with the oceans, the skies, and a sense of peace and comfort. I don’t always find it easy being a bridge, but with that struggle comes a great potential to understand the blue mysteries of the universe.

This blog is meant to share many points of view about identity and how our identities can shape a better future. My interests include cultural studies, gender equality, the environment, communities of color and the politics affecting us, scientific studies on psychology and spirituality, trends in business that range from democratization of the workplace to new modes of collaboration. These topics may seem like they’re not connected, but I love finding unexpected relationships, and maybe this is the Piscean side of me, but I think all of these seemingly random topics add up to make that original theme (identity) complex and interesting. I’ll be writing about my life, my childhood, my family; I’ll also post articles and trends and current events that I think are important; I’ll publish my own poems and spoken word pieces; but also I want this to be a shared community. I’d like to feature stories, art, music, and opinions of my own community.


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